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In our blog, we interview CIOs, CEOs, and IT managers to find out how they are using artificial intelligence (AI) in their organizations now and in the future. Leaders are facing challenges such as model development, hosting, risk management, compliance, sourcing, and security. Are there proven best practices? What success stories can serve as models for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and what are the hurdles and obstacles? What are the critical questions that need to be asked and answered?

Large enterprises have partnered with well-known AI startups such as OpenAI, Cohere, or Anthropic to develop customized AI solutions for their business model. Medium-sized companies, however, often do not have such large budgets and are therefore dependent on generally accessible AI offerings. Unfortunately, aspects such as personalization and privacy can be neglected.

So what does this mean for SMEs? How can companies without the huge budgets of the Fortune 500 still benefit from AI safely and effectively? Are there alternative approaches and strategies to successfully implement AI? These and other questions are addressed in the interviews on our blog.

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