AI for your company that works with confidential data. Out-of-the-box. Secure, data protection-compliant, simple.

basebox enables companies to provide their employees with AI securely and in compliance with data protection regulations.


  • Data protection and data security are the foundation of basebox
  • GDPR compliance is guaranteed
  • No data is stored
  • Set up without tech experts
  • No installation necessary
  • Easy to use
  • Ready to use immediately
  1.  Register as an admin with your e-mail address.

  2. Invite your employees by e-mail.

    Let’s get started. Your own company AI is available and can be used immediately by your team.

Billing according to consumption

  • One million tokens: €49 net, plus 19% VAT.
  • Tokens can be thought of as parts of words.
  • 100 tokens ~=75 words

No hidden costs

  • No basic fee
  • No subscription service
  • Via invoicing

Our gift for the start

  • 1 million tokens worth €49

All companies and organizations that want to become more efficient with AI and work with confidential data.

  • Healthcare
  • Insurances
  • Public authorities
  • Finance
  • Defense
  • Technology
  • SMEs
  • Law firms
  • Because you give your data and your company knowledge to the outside world when your employees send a prompt to these providers.
  • You also send your data to basebox – but nothing is saved.
  • basebox is a European company and is subject to the relevant regulations.
  • For companies with particularly high security requirements, basebox will provide an on-premise solution.
  • basebox uses the best open source AI models.
  • Various techniques are used to increase the accuracy and reliability of the answers.
  • Despite all care, AI models are software programs.
  • Incorrect statements are possible.

Not prevent it, but reduce it to a minimum.

basebox uses various technologies for this purpose. FOR EXAMPLE:

  • Strict rules on how the AI models may answer (e.g. that they may not make any assertions).
  • Use of specialized AI for technical questions.
  • The option of storing your own company data to which the answer may refer.


Security and data protection are the foundation of basebox.

Security measures to protect users’ data and privacy

  • The communication between your device and basebox is end-to-end encrypted so that no one can read your data.
  • basebox is a web application. There is no local installation.
  • basebox does not store any data.
  • The servers are operated in Europe.
  • basebox has been tested by security experts who were unable to find any security gaps despite intensive attack attempts.
  • The software is programmed in Rust, a language known for its high level of security.

basebox does not store any data. Neither the user’s requests nor the AI’s answers.

Your data belongs to you. When your employees send a prompt to basebox, the basebox AI has 100% dementia. This means that the AI processes your prompt, sends the answer back to you and forgets everything on the spot.

Currently, basebox is specialized in text processing.

Images, audio and video will be possible. This will make basebox even more versatile and suitable for more and more applications.

No, you do not need your own data. However, you can significantly improve the quality of the answers if you use your own data.

The function to use your own data securely will be available shortly.


  • basebox uses open source AI models.
  • basebox does not store any data (prompts, files).

The best open source models in each case.

Currently, this is Mixtral 7x8B from the French company Mistral.

For individual apps, basebox uses models specialized for the respective task.


basebox is not intended for training your own models. basebox concentrates on the use and application of already trained models.

However, it will be possible to integrate your own, already trained models (fine-tuning) into basebox without any problems. We are working on this solution. The transfer of models from platforms such as Hugging Face will then be particularly easy.

We are working on this solution. The transfer of models from platforms such as Hugging Face will then be particularly easy. If you then opt for local hosting, there are no additional costs for this function. We offer cost-effective options for hosting in the cloud.

We are working on an API that can be used to connect any application simply and securely.

  • Hosting takes place on secure, GDPR-compliant servers in Europe.
  • Our partner is the company Hetzner.
  • The AI models are hosted in the Telekom Cloud.
  • If the API regulations of an open source model manufacturer are in line with the basebox requirements for security and data protection (no data is stored), we also use these.
  • We are currently working on an additional on-premise version of basebox.
  • No separate servers are required to operate the basebox Cloud version.
  • The installation of the on-premise version, which has not yet been released, will take just a few minutes.
  • All components for secure operation will be included (models, security mechanisms, auth services, databases) and can be installed and operated as a complete package.


  • You do not need your own server for hosting.
  • Your basebox is created as a separate instance in the basebox cloud.
  • basebox is operated via the browser and runs smoothly on a laptop.



  • basebox is an infrastructure that enables the secure use of AI applications.
  • Even though basebox is currently mainly used in the healthcare sector, it is suitable for all industries.

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