basebox AI Management System – the most important questions and answers

Why do I need an AI management system in my company?

An AI management system enables companies to securely make AI available to their employees while complying with data protection regulations.


Key Features:

  • Central user administration
  • Simple connection to existing data sources
  • Cost efficiency and scalability

The implementation and integration of AI can be complex and pose security risks. basebox is an “out-of-the-box” solution.

  • No installation necessary
  • basebox is immediately available, allowing you to use AI straight away
  • With basebox, you only pay for what you actually use. There is no contractual commitment to models or manufacturers and no minimum costs.


Who needs the basebox AI management system?

All companies that work with sensitive data and information, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Insurance companies
  • Public authorities
  • Finance
  • Defense


Is basebox a medical device?


basebox is an AI management system that enables the safe use of AI applications. Although basebox is currently mainly used in the healthcare sector, it is suitable for all industries.


Questions about the server

Is basebox open source?



Can I connect basebox to my existing systems (ERP, CRM, HIS, etc.)?

Yes. basebox has an API that can be used to connect any application.


How do I protect my IP?

basebox does not store any data, including user requests or AI responses.


Do I need my own server for hosting?

No. Your basebox is created as a separate instance in the basebox cloud. basebox is operated via the browser and runs smoothly on a laptop.


Does basebox offer a cloud version?

Yes, basebox is hosted on secure, GDPR-compliant servers in Germany. All the computing work is done on the servers.


Does basebox offer on-premise hosting (hosting on my own servers)?

Yes. basebox can be hosted locally on your own server or in your data center. Installation is simple and straightforward. You will need more computing power to use the AI models.


How time-consuming is it to get basebox running on my own servers?

After the download, the installation only takes a few minutes. The system is then immediately ready for use.


Does basebox run in the cloud?

basebox can be operated both in the cloud and locally. In many cases, cloud use can be more cost-effective. There is no installation work. All cloud servers are located in Germany and are GDPR-compliant. However, basebox also enables complete local implementation (on-premise).


Where is basebox hosted?

In Germany.


What risks do I face when using basebox?

basebox places great emphasis on security and has implemented several measures to protect users’ data and privacy:

  • The software was programmed in Rust, a language known for its high level of security.
  • basebox has been tested by security experts who were unable to find any security vulnerabilities despite intensive attack attempts.
  • The communication between your device and basebox is encrypted so that nobody can read your data.
  • basebox is a web application. There is no local installation.
  • basebox does not store any data.


How is performance ensured?

basebox uses the powerful programming language Rust. Models are optimized to run faster without sacrificing accuracy.


AI models

Which AI models does basebox use?

The best-performing open-source models in each category. Currently, this is Mixtral 7x8B.


Why can’t I just use ChatGPT and similar services?

Because you are giving your data and your company knowledge to the outside world.


What other advantages does basebox offer?

  • Full access control. You set the budget for AI usage and can thus avoid escalating costs.
  • You determine which employees have access to the AI systems and can also change these rights as needed, e.g., when employees change roles.
  • Your employees can create their own apps and publish them in the company’s own app store, promoting modern knowledge management.


What is the difference between basebox and ChatGPT?

  • basebox contains its own AI model.
  • Your company’s data remains within your company and is not sent to the model providers.
  • basebox does not store any data (prompts, files).
  • You control the usage in terms of costs, employees, and AI applications used.


I already have AI, can I use it with basebox?

Yes, that is possible. We make it easy to integrate your own models via the integrated API. With local hosting, this is even free of charge.


How does basebox ensure that the AI answers are correct?

basebox can help increase the accuracy and reliability of AI model responses using various techniques. One technique is sampling, which involves asking the model the same question multiple times to examine whether the answers differ. Additionally, basebox uses the best models available on the open-source market. However, AI models are software programs, and false statements are possible and cannot be completely prevented.


Can I train my own LLM?

No. basebox is not intended for training your own models. The platform focuses on the use and application of already trained models. However, it is easy to integrate your own, already trained models into basebox. The transfer of models from platforms such as Hugging Face is particularly straightforward. For local hosting, there are no additional costs for this function. We offer cost-effective options for hosting in the cloud and special conditions for scientific institutions.


Which AIs/LLMs can I use?

All of them over the next 24 months, including publicly available ones like ChatGPT, as well as open-source models or self-trained models.


Can basebox help to reduce the hallucinations of the AI I use?

No. We are working on a RAG solution to make this possible.


Can basebox be multimodal?

Currently, basebox is specialized in text processing and does not support other modalities such as image or sound. However, there are plans to integrate other modalities in the future to expand the platform’s functionality and make basebox even more versatile and suitable for a wider range of applications.


Do I need my own data to use basebox? If so, which ones? Why?

No, you do not need your own data. However, you can significantly improve the quality of the answers by using your own data. This function (RAG) will be available in individual applications. –> RAG will only be available in a later version of basebox.



Will I receive an invoice?



How can I pay? Credit card or invoice?

By credit card.


How much are the costs?

Billing is based on consumption. You only pay for what you use. The billing units are so-called tokens. As a rule of thumb, you can expect 1,000 tokens for 750 words. This corresponds to about three pages of text. You determine your own budget. There are special rates for academic institutions that can further reduce costs.


When can I start using basebox AI?

basebox AI will be released in June 2024. To be part of it right from the start, sign up for the waitlist.

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