More time for clients

Secure AI for law firms

Maximum data protection

For all those who require the highest safety standards

  • Prompts are not used for AI training
  • Data is not stored at any time
  • End-to-end encryption
basebox AI_ Sicherheit

Security Made in Germany

Knowledge and data remain within the organization

  • Hosting in Europe
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Programmed in the most secure language Rust

Simple Use

Tech experts are not required for the setup

  • Get started in just a few minutes
  • Easy user management
  • Comprehensible admin dashboard

Low Price

Payment according to actual consumption

  • No subscription service
  • Real-time cost overview
  • Determine budget flexibly

Generate, analyze, compress texts


Create new content, rewrite existing texts. Describe the topic and generate suitable, coherent texts, e.g. for writing articles, e-mails.


Filter out the essentials from a text.

Ask your PDF

Extract information and data from PDFs.

Find information faster

Ask your Excel

Extract information and key metrics from your Excel.

Ask your financial plan

Extract key metrics from a financial plan and present them in an overview.

Create presentation texts

Write an outline and concise, to-the-point texts for your presentation.

Accelerate personnel work

Employee appraisal

Interview templates for structured job interviews

Onboarding Plan

Create personalised onboarding plans that are tailored to each employee's role and requirements.

Job interview guide

Generate interview formats for different job roles to ensure a thorough candidate assessment.

Breaking down language barriers

Simple language

Simplify difficult words, long sentences and complicated sentence structures.

Academic writing

Outline and revise academic texts. Suggestions for improvement specifically according to academic standards.

Translations into 10 languages

English, German, Français, Español, Italiano, Nederlands, Русский, 中文, 日本語, 한국어.

More AI for law firms

The basebox store offers over 50 different preconceived AI prompts that make bureaucratic work easy

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