basebox AI develops the first AI management system for companies

basebox AI Management System: Corporate AI Deployment with Security and Privacy


AI Deployment That Protects Data and Company Knowledge

  • AI App Store to install and uninstall AI apps with one click
  • Full control over cost and usage of AI apps
  • Efficient teamwork
  • basebox runs in the cloud or can be self-hosted
  • No IT experts required


The Problem:

Companies want to use AI, but so far, it’s not that easy. When implementing AI, both technical robustness and data protection (GDPR) need to be considered. Any gaps could put sensitive data, such as corporate knowledge or personal data, at risk.

The biggest challenges companies face when integrating AI include technical implementation, seamless integration of AI with existing systems to leverage internal data sources, and scalability as demand increases. Additionally, the use of AI must comply with existing regulations and security measures.


Corporate Security: Protect Data and Intellectual Property

Companies can rely on commercial AI providers. However, individual AI providers do not cover all requirements and are expensive if used extensively. Alternatively, open-source models can be hosted in-house, but this requires expert knowledge for selection, commissioning, and support to use the models productively. There is also a lack of AI experts for implementation in companies, and the market of AI vendors is confusing.


Our Solution: basebox AI Management System

With the basebox AI Management System, anyone can use AI securely in their company. Sensitive data and company knowledge remain within the company. basebox solves the problem of uncontrolled use of AI in sensitive areas such as health, finance, or defense. Signing up takes less than 5 minutes.


Key Features of the basebox AI Management System:

  • Role-based access control
  • Transparent cost control
  • Integration into the IT infrastructure
  • An AI app store for easy access to applications
  • Self-hosted or available in the cloud
  • No AI or IT experts needed


Who Needs the basebox AI Management System?

All companies with sensitive data and information in the following sectors:

  • Healthcare
  • Insurance companies
  • Government
  • Finance
  • Defense


Release Information:

The closed beta test will start in March with selected customers, including four university hospitals in Germany. basebox AI will be launched in spring 2024, making AI accessible to all organizations.

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