The importance and context of the use of AI in organizations

Our own product writes here. In our regular Use Cases articles, we show you what our AI can already do and which new functions we are continuously developing. We start with the topic “Importance of AI in companies”. Our basebox “author” generated this article in just a few seconds. With precise prompting and one or […]

basebox AI Management System – the most important questions and answers

Why do I need an AI management system in my company? An AI management system enables companies to securely make AI available to their employees while complying with data protection regulations.   Key Features: Central user administration Simple connection to existing data sources Cost efficiency and scalability The implementation and integration of AI can be […]

basebox AI develops the first AI management system for companies

basebox AI Management System: Corporate AI Deployment with Security and Privacy   AI Deployment That Protects Data and Company Knowledge AI App Store to install and uninstall AI apps with one click Full control over cost and usage of AI apps Efficient teamwork basebox runs in the cloud or can be self-hosted No IT experts […]

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